Survey users in the context of use

George Zhang
1 min readJul 22, 2020

In-context user survey/ feedback often works better than out-of-context ones (e.g. email, sms) because, well, it gauges a user’s subjective feeling when they use our product.

With an in-context survey, we can do a lot of analyses such as:
- associate the survey data with a specific page, feature, event to figure out what and how to improve.
- associate the survey data with their post-survey behaviors, in short-term or long-term, to figure out if their subjective feeling correlates to the behavior.
- build a dashboard and slice the survey data by other factors of interest, such as product, region, inferred age, gender, and other user demographics.
- track user sentiments over time.
- pair the in-context survey with A/B experiments, to see if a specific treatment affects user sentiments or not, in short-term or long term.

So excited that one of the startups that I advise implemented the in-app feedback in a short few days. See what they said about the survey. Hope to see more companies building and using in-context surveys.



George Zhang

Global Head of Product Design, Brightly a Siemens Company. Formerly Google, Uber, Intel, Course Hero. Received Ph.D in I/O psychology.